Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Day 1

I woke up this morning feeling a tad anxious to be honest. I don't really know why, it's not like I'm about to climb Mt Everest. I'm just giving up sugar and wheat really. There was no real planning involved for today, even thought it was Day 1. Not the brightest start, but hey, if you know me, you know I'm not one for planning.

So this morning did I eat within 30 minutes of waking, like I recommend? NOPE. I ate around 11am. I think.  Will check what time I posted my instagram pic of my meal. Ha! Turkey and green salad, with radish and capsicum. It was divine. I was starving. Also not the brightest start, being starving. But I just wasn't hungry at all this morning, it was like I had switched off my appetite completely. I know I say to just push through it and make an Eggcel Smoothie at least to my Stripped in Six Weeks Challengers, but yeah ... nek minnit ...

So after my turkey salad I felt amazing, and rearing to go. I still hadn't had anything to drink. One of my major issues, it's amazing I'm even walking around with the lack of hydration, but that's how amazing our bodies are. Mine has just worked with it and done what it needs to do with the very little water it is given every day.

I joined up at Jett's. Easy process and the staff member was fantastic. I celebrated this step with a trim flat white. small. from McCafe. Yep, nothing fancy here, but it tasted goooood.

As I started eating so damn late in the day I was well behind, and by the time I looked up from my pile of work it was around 3pm so I nuked some Eggcel in a bowl, and ate it with a small piece of gluten free bread and a tbsp of tomato sauce. Yep this is how fancy I eat when I'm clean eating. So I don't think this blog will have foodie followers at all!

Tonight I went to the induction at the gym, got my swipe card, and I'm all good to go, yee har! Realised I was super hungry, so I ate a few feijoas from our tree as soon as I got home. Yummmm, love love feijoas!

Then for dinner, it was peanut satay chicken and lots of veges. No rice. What a superstar ;)

I also took some before photos this morning. Ugh. I can't bear to reveal them just yet. Even I had to look twice at them, as if they weren't of me, even though I had just taken them. Oh and I weighed myself at the gym tonight. That will be revealed later as well.

My inner voice was spouting some interesting things today, I'm going to keep a close ear to her. Just little things like "go on, a bit of rice won't hurt. No one will know" was one lovely little whisper this evening ... and it's only Day 1. This sheet is going to get interesting!!

Oh should also mention my not so healthy sleeping habits. Got to sleep about 2.30am this morning, and up at 7am. Yep, sleep promotes weight loss. Yep, I'm an egg for not going to sleep by 10.30pm.

Here are some pics of my day, see you tomorrow x

Turkey & Green Salad, meal 1
My beautiful daughter :)
Eggcel cooked with a piece of gluten free toast and 1tbsp tomato sauce, meal 2

I did it! 1 month membership, $99. Are you ready Jetts!?
I expected a small box of a gym. Wrong!

This is how long it's been ... watching tv on the actual equipment while doing cardio.
Luckily I don't do cardio ;)

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