Thursday, April 4, 2013

Day 2 & 3

My nan is in hospital. Heart and lung failure due to her battle with cancer over the past 2 years. It sucks. Bad. I didn't want this though to be used as an excuse to go off course, so before heading to the hospital early yesterday morning I stopped into good ol' Pak'n'Save supermarket and bought some tuna, chicken, and salads. Oh and a bottle of water.

The day was a haze. Emotional rollercoaster, was my nan going to survive the hour, the morning, the afternoon ... the evening? She's a tough bloody cookie that one. We are made from strong stock that's for sure.

Drive home through Auckland Domain
Happy to say nan did survive the night, and is still battling on today. She has been made as comfortable as possible, and we honestly don't know how long she can fight back. Doctors said she wouldn't make it past midday yesterday. That's my nan xx

love black beans

This was Day 2. All day at the hospital with my nan. Eggcel for breakfast and 2 coffees
throughout the day until dinner, where I had chicken breast and more beetroot salad.
This beetroot salad was delicious. The chicken in the can, not so much,
but proud of myself for choosing this over Subway or Muffin Break at the hospital.

Today was about my nan getting as comfortable as possible. This helps.

I do feel less bloated and heavy. My mum even noticed it in my puku (for my non kiwi readers, that's maori for stomach) and face. YUSS.

Home for a sleep and back at the hospital in the morning. For my customers, I'm sorry if your order hasn't reached you yet. Please bear with us, as they will all go out on Monday.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart

B x

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