Monday, April 29, 2013

ummm can I call this Day 1 again??

ok today was a good day.

I enjoyed a most delicious Eggcel smoothie, a simple one, with 1cup Eggcel with fresh pineapple, blended, and devoured. That was breakfast. A great start!

Then an early lunch with my beautiful neighbour from Papamoa, and we went to my favourite local cafe, Luscious. A super yummy green salad was enjoyed with a trim flat white. And not a green lettuce salad, but one with brussell sprouts, courgettes, beans and other green veges I can't remember. But it was goooood. And so was the coffee ;)

The afternoon was all about the awesome Thermomix demo I was given at home. I'm going to become a consultant so I can share my love of this truly amazing kitchen tool. Why buy almond butter when you can make your own? Raw food now can be made super easy. I was drooling when Yvonne, the Thermomix expert was explaining how to make a raw cheesecake ... delish! SO yeah, if you're keen to see one of these puppies in action, let me know! Yeah, helps if you're in Auckland!

I had half a protein bar today, one of my own amahzing Honest Food Protein Bars. I created these purely to give consumers a choice. The choice of a real protein bar. Grain free, dairy free, with no added sugar. And high in protein as well, there's at least 25g protein in a 50g bar. They are so fulling, which is why I could only eat half! My favourite is the Heilala Vanilla Almond. Heaven!

We went out to dinner, to our local fav Thai. I did have some rice, I must admit, and I am paying for it now, laying in bed, writing this blog with a good bloat going on. Ugh. So next time, no rice.

So, all up it's been a great Monday, and a great first day back to basics!! How was your Monday?


PS Lots of pics taken today, posted on my Instagram account. Do follow, check 'em out and heart x

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