Monday, April 1, 2013

Let's do this!

I've resurrected my old blog. Ironic really. I'm about to resurrect my "old body and mindset" as well. Well that's the plan.

What's this all about and why am I blogging about it? Considering no one will probably read it anyway, it's more about committing 100% to this. There is no going back, no failing. I NEED to get back to basics. I'm the creator of Eggcel, (google it) and more recently, The Honest Food Company. I am damn good at what I do and that's helping people look and feel good. And now it's time for me to be honest with myself, as well as my consumers. I help so many others regain their life back, throw sugar under the train and just get back to basics, eating clean, high protein, working out and just being able to look in the mirror and smile. Do I do that? No, not now. Not in years. Yep over 4 years I have ignored everything that I say to others. And there is no excuse. Yes I had a baby (4 freaking years ago), yes I was stressed out for awhile there, and had some shit happen. Who can say their life hasn't had some kinks in it. But it's time to take control.

I want to be able to blog about my experience, and prove to myself that I can do this. That anyone can do this. It won't be easy, hell I wish it can be, but I know it won't be. Not after this long of eating crap food whenever I felt like it (not when I was hungry, just when I FELT like it). I want to also share my insights about emotional eating. I know alot. I preach it, I teach it, I help others. Funny how I never thought I deserved that help myself. But now I am. Self-help at it's finest here.

I've moved back to Auckland, after being away almost 3 years. I don't regret the move. I guess it needed to be done. Without Papamoa, I wouldn't have found Venus (best damn business group ever), I wouldn't have launched The Honest Food Co. and our most awesome protein bars, and I wouldn't have gone through the worst time in my life. Which has brought me to here. Now.

So here goes. Wish me luck! And please share, and discuss. Follow my business pages: Eggcel and The Honest Food Co. And if you are going through the same sort of resurrection, let me know. Let's do this together xx

Here I am now. My before pic you could say.

7 year wedding anniversary, March 2013

I went and checked out Jett's in Royal Oak today, after going to Bakers Delight to pick up some choc chip hot x easter buns! No staff as it's a public holiday. Doh. Will also see how far Club Physical 3 Kings is as well. Used to love CP, trained many a folk at the K'Rd branch back in the day when I was a member, and the trainers and owner allowed me to bring in my clients. mmm .. wonder if they'll do that at 3 Kings ;)


  1. You're a star! And you're going to absolutely cane this challenge. And I'll be cheering you on xx

  2. Hey Lady, thinking of you. Think I am going to do this with you. Two points of inspiration - returning to my blog to try and reclaim some personal reflection time, to return to my wheat and sugar freeness which took me to a whole new level of wholeness in 2012. Love your work, can't wait to read more and share my passion for honest food on my blog too xxxx arohanui ehoa

    1. Thanks Chelle, would love to share some of your creations as well xx