Monday, April 1, 2013

Last Supper ...

well, not that it's as substantial as a last supper! But this is what I had for dinner before my self imposed 30 days. Not exciting at all, and not even my favourite meal. Funny thing is, I don't seem to have a favourite meal, my taste buds have been dulled from all the crap eating over the last 4 years.

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So ... along with a Wendy's fish burger meal, I also went and bought a Cadbury button easter egg. Sugar, carbs, wheat. All in one hit. I also feel a pimple coming on. Perfect timing huh.

Looking forward to day one tomorrow. Will go and join up to Jett's Fitness for a month. I won't commit to longer, not because I won't continue on, but I may find myself getting back to how I used to be, and that means working out in a gym that also gives me back the right energy and oomph. Which has never been a shiny equipment 24/7 gym, but you never know! I didn't think that I'd be 13kg over my healthy body weight in 2013 either!

Oh and didn't mention, that it's my birthday in a month. Well just over a month. Another reason why I'm doing this. It's not a big one, but bloody close enough. Time to get my sexy back!

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