Monday, April 15, 2013

Where has the time gone?

It is now Monday, 15th April. Almost 2 weeks in on my 30 day back to basics challenge.

As you know, I've been mainly by my nana's bedside at the hospital. My very brave nana passed away last Wednesday afternoon. If you are in Auckland, and remember that burst of rain last Wednesday when the heavens seemed to have opened up ... yep, that was the gates of heaven opening up for my nana.

Since then, the rest is blurry. Too many tears, too much heartache. I think I'm all cried out to be honest. My cousin and I took it upon ourselves to organise our nana's funeral, so our mums could mourn and not have to worry about the details.

We had family from Aussie come over to farewell Nana and it was so good to connect with them face to face (instead of the usual Facebook time).

Nana's send off on Saturday morning was just perfect. I know we did her proud.

Through it all I was standing strong to my goal, and keeping off the wheat and other nasties. But I did falter a few times. On purpose. Not through any emotional stress, even though there was enough of that, but just because I was hungry and honestly didn't have the energy to create a clean meal for myself, and also hadn't been food shopping the entire time other then ducking in to the supermarket to get food for my daughter for kindy.

So we didn't eat superbly well throughout this time. We didn't eat horrifically bad either. Just in between.

I ate bread with my free range chicken and vegetable soup for example. I had a few bites of the most divine chocolate brownie from Cafe Luscious in Onehunga. Don't regret that at all.

I also ate 2 burgers and a handful of fries throughout the past 2 weeks and had one dessert. Not bad. I'm not going to beat myself up about it. They were delicious! And they also didn't make me want to chuck it all in and eat more crap. So I'm happy about that.

I think you can see the difference?
I'm down 2kg, definitely not where I expected to be halfway through the 30days, but I also didn't expect to be grieving for my beautiful nana.

I'm hitting the gym tomorrow. I can't bloody wait. It's been too long, and the gym and I used to have a beautiful relationship, only short visits, at least 3 times a week, but man they were goooood times. I'm looking forward to that again. Hope Jett's haven't blacklisted me ;)

My favourite local cafe, here is the delicious chicken soup ... and a piece of ciabatta

We only had a few bites each, and the rest was left ... oh the horror!

This is why I love Cafe Luscious! Oh and the maybe could be spanish woman behind the counter. She makes the place!

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